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  • DevOps with Quality



  • Capgemini – Sogeti “World Quality Report 2017-18” 9th edition

World Quality Report_2017_v9_secure

Eastern Europe –  wqr-2017_country-pullouts_eastern-europe_v3_secure

Southern Europe – wqr-2017_country-pullouts_southern-europe_v2_secure


  • Sharing some best practices for ” Defect Tracking Best Practices”



  • How to test a code framework during early stages

A practical Insight into Framework Testing


  • Software testing best practices

Software Testing Best Practice


  • How to reduce cycle time using Design of experiments

Orthogonal Array Testing to Reduce Cycle Time


  • We often speak about of ROI “Return on Investment”, let’s get some insight regarding Automation ROI



  • Test Paradigms (by, Sudeepta) – QA Financial Forum  Singapore May 2017

Test Paradigms_Deep


  • Gartner has published “Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation” 2017 and here is the report.

Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation


  • Sharing some old thought on “Performance Testing” – BUG DAY 2012.

AW-The Audacity of Quality Requirement-NonFunctionalTesting_v0.1





Learn @ TED


  • Session 1:    

Topic 1:   A day in Software Developer’s life? – by, Laxmi Narasimha Murthy

Topic 2:  DevOps Myth?? – by, Sudeepta Guchhait

Thank you all of you, to be part of Learning @ TED,  session 1. It was indeed a great experience to have all of you there.  Learning is not about understanding flow charts, processes, methodologies, sometimes it is all about enhancing our IQ as well.


Please find the learning material

DevOps Myth – Session 1_ 10Mar18


  • Session 2:    

Topic 1:   Financial Products? – by, Ravindra