Agile Core Principles

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June 18, 2018
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June 18, 2018

Agile Core Principles

Most of the project these days are practicing Agile, however they miss the basic of Agile Core Principle & Practices.

A refreshers to Agile core principle and practices.


Early delivery of value through iterations with demos: The project should be broken into a series of time boxed iteration that include demos to show progress to the staekholders.

User stories reflect bsuiness value and priority: User stories are managed in backlog priotirzed by the business value, releases are determined by development velocity and accepted as production release.

Continuous involvement of the customer: Per the agile principle business people and developer, must work together daily throughout the project, customers are involved continuously and their inputs are considered during the product development.

Acceptance test for all requirements: Everyone in the team owns quality standards and test automation. Agile emphasis the key principles such as test early or test after. Automate test enables continuous integration wherever possible.

Retrospective: Weekly team restrospective should be conducted to improve the project delivery efforts.

Sustainable Pace or Velocity: Team members are involved in estimates and commit dates, overtime and weekend work are undesireable.

Communication: Daily scrums should be organized amongst the team members to understand the accomplished tasks, pending tasks and complications in the completion of the project.

High Visibility: Visibility of project status, improvements, issues & risks should be maintained in real time and also on web accessible tools.


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